Shoes Glorious Shoes

So I’m doing a mini series of blog posts talking about the shoes I have in my wardrobe… along with little anecdotes/reviews about them. Shoes have a substantial place in my heart as it has been notoriously difficult for me to find the perfect fit, so whenever I find shoes which do accommodate my right foot, it’s a victory! If you don’t know, I have a size 6 left foot and a size 9 right (my KTS leg). Every pair of shoes in my wardrobe equates to 2 pairs bought from the shop…

Yellow Sandals
I am going though a yellow phase at the minute, it’s because I am subconsciously thinking it will make me feel more positive as of course it’s a sunshine colour!!!
I went straight for these whilst scouring Primark’s women’s shoes section- which was a mission as their wise fit shoes are scattered with regular sizes so you literally have to check the labels on all of them to find out!! How inconvenient! Primark, take note- from a girl who has visual merchandising on her cv! 😉
Anyhow I’ve enjoyed wearing these- bar the odd blister here and there- to work as they spice up plain outfits or compliment patterned dresses beautifully.

yellow sandalssme and my sandals

A Cinderella Story

The other day I managed to get to work with only one of these shoes 😂 – this is an example of one of my many silly moments.

I don’t like to drive in heels so I shoved my Converse on, drove there… parked up, did my make-up, and then it was time to change shoes.. I put my left one on and reached into the bag for my right shoe… “That’s strange” I thought. It feels smaller 🤔… I’d only brought the wrong blinking shoe with me: I had packed the other half of the size 6 pair, but of course, I wear odd shoes, so it was completely the wrong size for my right foot 🙈 I spent the morning looking quite odd in my lovely, smart, work dress and scruffy converse 😂 Thankfully my dad -aka Prince Charming-saved the day and dropped off (miraculously he started work later that day) my other shoe 👠

Now you’re thinking why do I keep the other shoes… well I guess I feel it’s such a waste to be chucking a “pair” of shoes away; especially with how tricky it can be for me to buy ones that I both like and that fit me! So yes, I confess: I have a collection of unworn odd shoes… you never know, there must be somebody who has the opposite sized feet to me? Anyone out there on the World Wide Web?

Flip Flops
Well these have walked on countless grimey hostel shower floors on my travels! Poor things. That was one thing I refused to do- I never ever showered bare foot in hostel showers- the thought of all the hair caught in the plug holes is actually making me throw up in my mouth a little. A cheap alternative to Havianas, they not only saw me through two months of travelling but have stood the test of time – I think I bought these flip flops 4 years ago!

beach flip flopsPhilip Phillop

These babies are brilliant: Vans is a fabulous brand for anyone with wide feet like me. They are a very accommodating fit, also the low rise on these shoes leaves room for my swelling ankle. I could have probably been wiser with the colour choice: they do pick up every speck of dirt, but I wanted a light summery pair of shoes. Saying that, they do go in the washing machine: I recommend putting them in a pillow case and washing them on the delicates setting at 30 degrees.

vansvans blue

I don’t have any full length piccies (yet) wearing these unfortunately, only the above one of me looking very *cough* stylish with pink bamboo socks.

Yay I found a pic of me and my Vans. I was in Marbella in this pic, thinking I was a celeb stepping out of a swanky hotel. 😂 I joke.

Stay tuned for more shoe posts 🙂

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