Thoughts on Nike Mannequins

After seeing @nunude_official shared a post stating that Nike’s flagship store in London has introduced a plus sized mannequin on their shop floor, I was absolutely delighted. Then I saw that the Telegraph had published an article about Nike’s shop titled

“Obese mannequins are selling women a dangerous lie”

I was fuming. There isn’t just one body type. By having a curvy mannequin, Nike are broadening their representation of our female demographic. It should not be restricted to a 6ft size 8 mannequin.

I had a discussion with a fellow blogger Sinead from @paddingtontheservicedog who has a similar condition to me called Parkes-Weber Syndrome. She had some interesting points to make about Nike’s mannequins:

“I’m considered on the cusp of plus size, but have to buy plus size trousers ALWAYS because of my leg…Do I think it’s healthy to be obese? No, but there are so many factors as to why someone could be. To have gym clothes that are available in a wide variety of sizing may make people more comfortable to work out”

What is even more shocking is that the Telegraph are supposed to be backing Changing Faces who support people with visible differences through counselling, skin camouflage clinics and also campaign for diverse, positive representation in the Media for equality for people who look “different”.

Yet they publish an article which slates Nike’s flagship store for being diverse?

During Face Equality Day (22.05.19) at the Telegraph offices, which I attended, Baroness Williams said that

“Value is placed on appearance and that there is a distorted view of what beauty and perfection looks like”

Yet today, on the 10th June,  less than a month after the launch of Changing Faces report “My Visible Difference”, Tanya Gold has described Nike’s plus size mannequin as

 “Immense, gargantuan, vast. She heaves with fat… She cannot run. She is more than likely pre-diabetic and on her way to a hip replacement.”

I understand that obesity can cause many health complications, but there are lots of reasons why someone may be overweight other than unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. They may have a disability, condition or could be on medication which causes weight gain. So to say that this Nike Mannequin represents a fat, gargantuan woman is not just rude, but body shaming.

Therefore, by the Telegraph sharing these hateful words, it’s entirely contradicting the Christmas Charity appeal “Words Matter” they did with Changing Faces to challenge everyday prejudice!!!

Nike’s mannequins encourage a positive body image. They are encouraging women of ALL shapes and sizes to be fit. As Nunude pointed out,

“The issue with the fitness world is that it looks so perfect that the people who really want to get to the gym feel too insecure to do so”

I would feel far more comfortable and happier shopping for fitness clothes where a board range of bodies are being represented.

It’s time we embrace all forms of the body!


Shoes Glorious Shoes Part II

Adidas Trainers

Adidas Gym Shoes

A bit battered now, but they serve their purpose. These trainers are now my gym shoes.. before that they were actually my going out trainers and I’d where them for comfort. I always find trainers are a bit like t-shirts- when they’re new you wear them on special occasions, you know, the sort of thing you get your expensive perfume out for. Then the dynamic changes and you end up wearing this said t-shirt to bed. 

Last week I went on a run with my doggy. It had rained the night before and I really tried my best to avoid the mud, but I felt so bad keeping to the “boring” areas for my doggy’s sake. I then proceeded to run the farmer’s fields; gosh I nearly slipped over, and I could hardly run.. But it was fun. The trainers… well they were a squelchy mess! They had to go in the washing machine (Delicates wash on 30 with a tad of detergent if you’re asking!)

I get most of my trainers from JD Sports as they have a good selection and always seem to have special offers. Also they do quite a few men’s/unisex/whatever trainers from 6-9 (a lot of “men’s” sizes start at 7).

Susie’s Boots

Susie's Sheepskin Boots

So these are my first handmade shoes: made in Wales! My friend Molly lives in Pembrokeshire and told me about this wonderful company who are local to her… They create these amazing boots in all different colours. Also, because they make them from scratch I only had to buy one pair! Winning!

They are so comfortable, think leggings, cosy cardigan and snuggled by the fire vibes. Although I could’ve gone for funky colour, I had my practical hat on, which often I find takes over, as buying shoes is a bit more tricky for me than it is for others so it’s all about making an investment.

Simply Be Boots

SimplyBe Booties

These are SO comfortable and stylish! When I buy from Simply Be, I get wide fit size 6 for my left foot and an extra wide size 9 for my right. Sometimes the wide fit is a bit too wide for my little foot, so I wear an extra sock on that side. I have had lots of comments about these shoes; the pattern is gorgeous and reminds me of William Morris: very opulent colours of teal, pink and gold. I am careful where I wear these booties- they will NOT become work shoes! They’re my fancy boots.

What the Adidas trainers and Simply Be boots actually look like 🙂 I can’t find any of me in my sheepskin boots, but if I do I will add!

Thanks for reading, have a glorious weekend!

G x


Shoes Glorious Shoes

So I’m doing a mini series of blog posts talking about the shoes I have in my wardrobe… along with little anecdotes/reviews about them. Shoes have a substantial place in my heart as it has been notoriously difficult for me to find the perfect fit, so whenever I find shoes which do accommodate my right foot, it’s a victory! If you don’t know, I have a size 6 left foot and a size 9 right (my KTS leg). Every pair of shoes in my wardrobe equates to 2 pairs bought from the shop…

Yellow Sandals
I am going though a yellow phase at the minute, it’s because I am subconsciously thinking it will make me feel more positive as of course it’s a sunshine colour!!!
I went straight for these whilst scouring Primark’s women’s shoes section- which was a mission as their wise fit shoes are scattered with regular sizes so you literally have to check the labels on all of them to find out!! How inconvenient! Primark, take note- from a girl who has visual merchandising on her cv! 😉
Anyhow I’ve enjoyed wearing these- bar the odd blister here and there- to work as they spice up plain outfits or compliment patterned dresses beautifully.

yellow sandalssme and my sandals

A Cinderella Story

The other day I managed to get to work with only one of these shoes 😂 – this is an example of one of my many silly moments.

I don’t like to drive in heels so I shoved my Converse on, drove there… parked up, did my make-up, and then it was time to change shoes.. I put my left one on and reached into the bag for my right shoe… “That’s strange” I thought. It feels smaller 🤔… I’d only brought the wrong blinking shoe with me: I had packed the other half of the size 6 pair, but of course, I wear odd shoes, so it was completely the wrong size for my right foot 🙈 I spent the morning looking quite odd in my lovely, smart, work dress and scruffy converse 😂 Thankfully my dad -aka Prince Charming-saved the day and dropped off (miraculously he started work later that day) my other shoe 👠

Now you’re thinking why do I keep the other shoes… well I guess I feel it’s such a waste to be chucking a “pair” of shoes away; especially with how tricky it can be for me to buy ones that I both like and that fit me! So yes, I confess: I have a collection of unworn odd shoes… you never know, there must be somebody who has the opposite sized feet to me? Anyone out there on the World Wide Web?